Idea for Mobile App

How hard would it be to add a level, pitch finder and compass to HIP mobile? I know there are other apps that offer this and I have them installed but it would be easier if they were already integrated in HIP.

Honestly hardly ever use a level but certainly carry a real one.I doubt much demand for either to be built in .

I find level apps aren’t accurate enough. I carry a real level.

I use pitch finder once in a while, but not often.

A compass? Well, ok that one could be useful.

I would rather see auto capitalzation of new captions.
When adding captions, canned captions appear first with an option to add more captions.
The ability to edit and arrange the order of photos while in summary mode.
The tray to stay in view while viewing photos.
Adding an icon to sections telling how many pics (if any) are in each section or even just an icon signifying that there is a pic in a given section.
All stuff that would be used everyday on every inspection saving every inspector time. :lol: