Ideas for Aggressive Marketing??

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Hi All,

Now that the New Year is upon us, I would really like to do some aggressive Marketing of my HI Business. I am looking for some help and/or suggestions of Marketing Companies, Lead Referrals, or any other ideas that you successful HI Businesses have collectively established, OR, perhaps more importantly, what NOT to do??

Thank you ALL for your help!


Don't forget all of you that are reading this in the Northern California Areas, new NorCal NACHI Chapter meeting Feb. 14th in Oakland, CA - see "What's New" section for details!!

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Hi Ron,

It mostly depends on where your business is in the business cycle. In the beginning we have to show that we can deliver a product similar to our competition with some type of additional incentive such as better price or higher quality, but by-and-large it is a trust/comfort hook that in the end gets you the work. Unfortunately this all takes time and multiple exposures to your prospective client, I don't know of an aggressive way to build lasting trust, it is performance driven.

The area where my business is located can be defined by physical boarders known as the SouthShore area of Tampa Bay, this doesn't hamper me from performing work all over the Greater Tampa Bay area but I only spend my advertising dollars in the SouthShore region. In the SouthShore region, I market heavily by belonging to every business leads group, every Chamber of Commerce and the local Realtor Association, we also make it a point visit each and every Real Estate office at least once a month. This visibility allows people get comfortable with you, builds trust and when they need your service you will most likely get the call or referral. All advertising works, most advertising is ineffective in producing overnight results, your advertising should be clear, consistent and delivered multiple times to your target market.

An aggressive strategy I wouldn't employ is letting the air out of your competition's tires, it took about a month for the black-eye to disappear. ![nachi_sarcasm.gif](upload://6HQh6KbNiD73gqTNQInjrR2zeJw.gif)

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