Ideas for inspection articles

If you’re curious about anything inspection-related and we don’t have an article about it already ( post your idea here and we’ll consider it.

Renovation Contractor Lead Evaluations

EMF’s (Inspector targeted). Nachi has a consumer based article, that states most Home Inspectors have the gauges to measure (haven’t met one yet). I do get the occasional call to test, but I can find very little if any useful info for the inspector/tester.

How is that different from the two lead articles we already have? BTW, I put that phrase into google and there isn’t a single hit for “Renovation Contractor Lead Evaluations”

Why Foreclosed homes or AS IS homes should be inspected. Maybe even more so than others… no Disclosure etc…

Why Flipped Homes are Scary Paint covering up host of defects… amateur repairs done by cheap-o investors…

R-22 HVAC systems - Addt’l liability being assumed as these products are no longer being manu’d

Just a few

You guys need to look at the article list. You are late. I have suggested several to Nick, and he has responded. Articles should be held to discussions about the home itself only, IMHO.

Nothing yet on lawn sprinklers.