Ideas for you that worked for me

Ideas for you that worked for me

Sold My Boat is 1990 75 Hp 18 ft .
I had 500 hours on the big motor .
I put on a 1988 9.5 Honda in 1992 to use when Trolling .
The Honda did a great job but could not handle all the electrical I had so I added a GM alternator 82 amp this just about killed the small motor and it needed a 12 volt feed to excite the alternator.
If I did not disconnect the alternator the battery die over night .
I went the Repair shop and the fixed this alternator so it had magnets to excite and lower the charging rate to 20 amps still works great after 19 years and always starts on second pull.
I guestimate we have about 7,000 plus hours on the Honda saved a huge amount of gas no repairs needed on either motor .
New plugs and oil and fogged them before putting away .
This is the only motor I have ever seen with an added alternator.
It needed a new belt every year about $6.00.
When I told people what I was doing they said it would never work fortunately I did not believe them .

Seems like a lot of trouble Roy.
75 HP is not all that large to begin with.

Sometimes we spend more time doing a work around than it is worth but it is fun inventing new ways to do things.

I had a hobby of making my own furniture designs which actually cost more than if I simply bought something of good quality brand new, so understand where you are coming from.
Here is a great site for ideas on work around’s.

At about $40.00 saving a trip and doing 40 trips ~ a year = $1,600.00 a year and 19 years = $30,400:00 .
I know it was a great deal for me and I enjoyed doing it over the winter . It also was a back up motor the get home if needed .
I never needed a tow but have pulled about 15 boats of the big lake .
I fished out as far as 21 miles normal trip was about 6 miles out to 200 feet of water .

**Added **cost for alternator rebuild was $125.00 rest was free from my stock and friends stock.
Hours spent many getting it to fit and build new cover .
Spare time over the winter

One word.
“Row boat”…LOL

Having grown up on and been on boats my entire life I learned the only way to save money with them is to sell them.
Much cheaper to rent them unless you have a private dock and make use of them every weekend.

A boat is a hole in the water where you spend lots of time and money on .
Yes I had a dock and live a short drive to the lake .
Yes I fished every week end many nights and took two weeks in the summer .
Stayed at the boat and had fantastic fishing Lake Ontario is about 200 mile long 70 miles wide and the deepest spot is about 300 feet .
Lived beside the lake for most of my life .
Toys had many First in our area with Loran First had three over the years
First with GPS have had 6 over the years , First with speeed and Temp down 100 feet One of the first with TV camera down 100 feet .
These toys where like you with your Cell Phones and Cameras . Life is just as good as we all want it be .
Yes BOB it is like burning $ 20;00 bills non stop ,

I have never had a boat
but a good friend did
we spent many a day on the chesapeake river
awesome memories…