Ideas on what I should say

Ideas on what I should say. It was solid when pound on. This was on a stick built home.


Whats above that section? How old is it? Has there been an IR inspection? Is it the only spot on the house! What part of the house is it on? Garage wall?

Built in 1956. Near the roof. No gutters. Rain Water is running down the wall

Do you have a wider angle picture of that part of the house not just that spot?

Whats on the other side of the wall?

Real TARPAPER keeping the water out!:mrgreen:

No OSB/ vertical mulch! :mrgreen:

Not a one cote stucco job. :mrgreen:

Elastomeric paint properly applied could cosmetically fix it but it could also create new problems.

What direction does the wall face?

If that house is frame built (and even if not) water can penetrate those cracks. There is a good chance that the stucco will need to be removed and replaced. It looks like it may be an impoper application - too much water added to the mix.

What were the specs for applying stucco in 1956?

To much water in the mix is by far not the only thing that can and does cause spider web cracking!

From the looks of that picture, I would say the house has most likely repainted and stucco has probably been replaced or another layer has been added.