identification tags

Can anyone tell me where to get shut off I’d tags for shut off valves

Get them made at your local printing shoppe. I had mine made up so they look like a business card with water shut off and gas shut off on them. They even punched the hole in the corner so I can zip tie them on. Pretty cheap way to do it.

Do you have the homeowners permission to apply the tags, or are you presenting them to your client for until after they purchase and own the property?

I have been putting them on for five years straight and have never had an issue. I do not see your point.

You don’t need permission unless they are stick-on… no one is going to complain. You can have them made by our marketing department: My advice would be to print something on the back side that promotes your annual inspection service.

Good Idea Nick. I also fully agree with you on the stickers.

Are they plastic?

AHIT sells them but from what I have seen would use what Nick recommended.

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