Identify carpet fungus

I got this just for posting a picture;

Identify carpet fungus4/29/08 4:51 PMRead the post idiot, it’s been raining for 30 days. What does this have to do with Tea in China?

At least they should have signed it. Some people have their lives so screwed up that they have to make comments like that because of their short comings. Do not take it personally

I know I have a moisture issue for mushrooms (diagnosed by Clemson U.) to be growing out of my hardy plank siding; along where the concrete meets the siding; in a new addition at the joint of floor and wall; in the hay room on the wood walls; and in the corners of the stalls. I had all removed by a “mold” specialist last year and this spring it all came back - no mold, just mushrooms. I have a concrete slab, and do not know who to contact to resolve the moisture issue that I have due to all of the mushroom growth. Everyone I have had out here says they have never seen anything like this and offers me no clue as to how to resolve the problem. I KNOW there is water somewhere, but you can’t see any anywhere, wet spots on walls, ceilings etc. I cannot find who would be able to help determine why these growths are occurring or where the water is. My home is 2 years old this month, is on a concrete slab and I live in SC with sandy soil. Any help guiding me to the correct person or company who can figure out where my moisture problem is coming from, would be most appreciated. I would post a photo but cannot figure out how to do so.