Identify covers at floor

On a 2010 build with a basement could you tell me what these covered areas are?

Pictures 1-4.

I have a general idea, but want to be sure I know what I am seeing.

195411 029 (Small).JPG

195411 029 (Small).JPG

195411 032 (Small).JPG

195411 033 (Small).JPG

195411 031 (Small).JPG

picture 4 is a rough in for a future bathroom previous pictures appear to be plugged floor drains, first one is probably a clean out

#1. Looks like a clean-out cap.
#2. Looks like a potential floor drain.
#3. Looks like a potential floor drain.
#4. Looks like a rough-in for future bath sink and toilet (Layed out for framed wall inside poured wall.).

You got it Jim…was typing when you posted. :slight_smile:

Yep, one is a pvc screw in cap plug for clean out or whatever and the other an expansion plug cap. :slight_smile:

Marcel wins as the most correct answer for the two different types.:smiley:

c.o. covers

All right David, I answered this question somewhere else.

They are stub outs for “future bathrooms”.

Yes sir, you sure did!! Personal email!!

But you were working, so I posted here!!