Identify debris?

This debris wouldn’t have anything to do with insects would it? How would you write up?

Perhaps a broad shot or description of where this is located would help.

It could be carpenter ants. Hard to tell from the photos.

Looks like dirt. We find this often here with fire ants. During the winter they like to move into warmer quarters for all the obvious reasons. They excavate and bring the dirt in with them. Various other kinds of ants do the same. They particularly like exterior walls, HVAC units, especially if the compressors have a heater installed, garage walls, etc. I never try to identify the insect, just that this area needs to be pointed out to the pest control inspector. Here in FL homes have to be inspected separately by licensed contractors for WDO / WDI. Note it, location and move along. Termite frass looks different and if you smash it or rub it with your fingers you can tell the difference. Just don’t taste it…tastes like **** cause it is.


Josh…it looks like carpenter ants to me and we have plenty of them here as you know,jim

FYI. Did you notice the electric cable? Looks to be unapproved for outdoor or underground use.

Could be frass or dirt…can’t really tell by the photographs. If it felt powdery…it is likely frass. If it was granular…it is likely dirt. Keep in mind though, that some ant species will use dirt to build colonies and feed on wood and the mold that grows on wood.

Bottom line is, call it out for a WDI/WDO evaluation/treatment.

You can find some really good images at this location.,%2Bfrass&hl=en&usg=__su-J43GKOm6D_Cba8Dn3TLNguSE=&ei=X43SS7jSHcT48Aau_sHVDw&sa=X&oi=image_result&resnum=5&ct=image&ved=0CBUQ9QEwBA

Thanks for all the help, fellas. And yes, JF, the cable was UF, just not in conduit, which I recommended.

“Debris visible at the _____ at the time of the inspection may be the result of action by wood-destroying insects.
If not identified this condition could result in structural damage to the home.
The Inspector recommends that you consult with a qualified pest control contractor to discuss options and costs.”

Check out the InterNACHI narratives.