Identify main line material

I could use some help identifying this main service pipe. I think it is galvanized. This area has some lead service lines but I don’t see the usual bulb associated with lead pipes. I tried scraping it thinking it might be copper but it was inclusive. Any help would be appreciated.

Magnets won’t stick to lead, or a little ping with a screwdriver, a dud sound may indicate lead or a distinctive ping may indicate steel…

Main service pipe appears to be lead. Bell shape rather than reduction or expansion fitting used to connect dissimilar size pipe. Lead is soft and easy to swage to size.

I agree, looks lead like to me. Steel would be threaded I think and have reducer or coupling. Hard to tell, that may even be soldered.

I agree with post above. Looks like lead from here. Bell shape at fitting and way pipe is bent.

Try a magnet! How about a knife, if it’s lead it will flake and be shining.

Looks like lead, how ever they may of used it as a sleeve for the copper, if it is lead it should be replaced


Yep lead

Thanks for the help. What through me off was not seeing the usual bulb on lead pipe, as in this pix.


It the city supply lines are still lead, what is gained?

Have never seen curved galvanized steel pipe.

Duh,it was staring me right in the face and I didn’t see that.:flushed::see_no_evil:

That why we have the NACHI site Just think how many have been helped by your post Thanks for doing it… Roy