Identifying a heat pump

These two pics are a Goodman 4 ton roof mount unit. The model number is GPC and I thought that GPC stood for Goodman Package Cooling Only. The bottom of the tag says heat pump. The thermostat is a heat/cool stat. I can’t see a reversing valve but the view is limited. The unit won’t start. Your thoughts?

The tag says heat pump and central air, my understanding the installer checks/circles one.

G=brand P=packaged unit C=air conditioner - H (in place of C)=heat pump

GPC1348 is a four ton central air

Can’t help with why it didn’t start.

Why wouldn’t a heat pump be central air too?

Essentially it is, but a heat pump can also heat a house, a central air conditioner can not. But I’m sure you new that.

Funny you could not see the reversing valve on a Goodman , did the stat have aux or emerg heat? on it

oh BTW was there any other heat?

The Thermostat can not be trusted to determine if the unit is a heat pump or not. The best way view the reversing valve limited view or not ya gotta look.

I would have been burnt on today’s inspect if I had relied on the Stat as it was a heat pump stat with emergency heat mode very visible. I turned the unit to the normal heat mode the unit activated in the cooling mode. Went outside to check the unit no reversing valve. A/C was a standard unit but the meat head contractor left the original wiring in place. The unit was a 2010 unit that had replaced an original heat pump. They were heating the home with emergency heat strips in the furnace.
The home was large and had two units installed the other unit did not operate in the normal heat mode or the cooling mode had to use the disconnect pull out from the other unit as someone had removed and or lost one. I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall watching a new inspector inspect this mess.

Call the company. Provide model and SN and they’ll tell you what it is.

It is unusual for the data plate to say both air conditioner and heat pump.

Why? It doesn’t work?

Joe you seem to love sending guys on wild goose chases for unnecessary information!

If your not going to take 3 screws out to see if it is a heat pump, call someone to fix it and tell you.

This is not Home Inspector stuff.
Look in the SOP.

“It doesn’t work” however, “is”!

Gary - It is not a heat pump.

I assumed the inspector was now home and had to rely solely on the data plate. Might be a little embarrassing to return to the site a 2nd time.

P.S. I don’t consider calling an appliance manufacturer a wild goose chase.

I had just the opposite happen a few times last year. Homeowners replaced the old HP stat with a new electronic stat, but didn’t know enough to get one that controlled a heat pump. They were basically on e-heat all the time.

You are correct Gary GPC=Cooling, GPH=Heatpump.

It wont work, call it out and move on. :smiley: