Identity Crisis

About this time last year, I got a PM from Joe Burkeson inviting me to read a very convincing post he had made on the message board that argued against licensing of home inspectors.

At that time, it had been months since I had visited that site and I could not remember my user name or password so, thinking I would read, congratulate and never return, I created a fictitious name for this one trip to and “Harvey Hempelstern” was born.

Last Saturday, I bought a new laptop and I no longer have Harvey’s username and password programmed and I wanted to respond to something ignorant written by Roy’s little sister, Raymond, so I re-registered using my real name, email address, etc.

A few moments ago, I got an email from Brian Hannigan chewing me out for pretending to be Jim Bushart and chastising me for attempting to register under a fictitious name. He cancelled my password and told me I would have to re-register under my real name.

I suppose I have no choice but to re-register Harvey with a new password.

Oh, well. I tried.:roll:

LOL-Raymond’s busy over there showing his typical inanity and as always his lack of any class or sense of propriety.:frowning:

It’s about time someone protected you from yourself James.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mr Bushart, or whoever you are… Please inform the real Mr Bushart that I am
looking for him and he owes me $20. Have you seen him?

hey John…for 50%, I’ll collect your debt:mrgreen:

John…your check is in the mail.