Identity theft or legit? (posted by Rachel Vass)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by Rachel Vass (from Dolores, CO). [/ASKNACHI]Has anyone heard of Granite Construction Inspections in Colorado? They got me through the NACHI search and would like to hire me to do a construction draw inspection and are asking that I fill out a W-9 with my ss#. How do I rule out fraud/identity theft?

Granite is a construction loan specialist, and we have many NACHI inspectors who perform inspections for them.

You can see their web site at:

Make sure this is the company that contacted you by contacting them directly. It is possible a pirate could have contacted you using them as a scam tool.

How you fill out the W-9 also depends on whether you are an individual subcontractor or a corporate subcontractor. It just depends on what structure your company is organized as - sole proprietor, corp, llc, partnership. I always have all checks issued in the company name. This allows me to use my Federal EIN instead of my personal info. Granite is legit, just contact them direct as Blaine suggests and discuss your options with them.

I’ve done several Granite inspections, and they are good.
They pay on time, and as expected.

What does Granite pay per inspection?