Idiot Light Tester (3 Bulb)

First picture of tester at washer outlet with washer pluged in.
Second picture of same outlet with washer unpluged.

This one is easy

Ground is being supplied by the washer


Be careful with any of the circuit testers when something else is plugged in. As RLB said: the washer is supplying the ground.

That is what I thought I just do not see all three lights that often.:smiley:
1950’s house and quite a few open grounds and nuetrals and hot’s reversed.

I really think we should be using a more sofisticated tester than the old $7.96 tester in Home Depot.

This same problem exists at any socket on a string of sockets

They can test good when the are not based on something that might be pluged in at some other socket on the string


I have a $100.00 flashlight and a $300.00 ladder.:smiley:

You got me beat on the ladder. I have a $100.00 folding ladder and a $225.00 28 foot ladder. WAIT an minute. That means I have you beat.

Since my 3 bulb tester told me they needed an electrician, what would the Tri-Corder pictured have told me? To capitalise Electrician?:smiley:


William asked for a much more sophisticated tester, so I posted one.

If you feel an Electrician is needed on a specific building, simply recommend one.

William made a statement about a more sofisticated (sic) tester.
I asked a question about what the tester pictured would have told me that the 3 bulb tester did not .:smiley:
If you feel the need to answer statements instead of questions…:wink:

David I currently do not own a sure test and have recently been considering one. I tell what I’ll start a new thread debating the the two and see what comes of it.

I think there is more to it than that. The first picture indicates a hot/neutral reverse, the second picture shows all three lamps lit. For all three lamps to be lit there has to be voltage present on both slots. Like maybe a bootleg ground in conjunction with a compromised neutral connection. All three lamps will light evenly when 240 is present, but it appears that only the middle lamp is bright in the second pic.

Now I can’t wait till Sunday when I will try to duplicate that test on my workbench.

Brian, was the center lamp brighter or is it just the photo?

Brian, what kind of flashlight do you use? I am a serious flashlight nut. These are my favorites, I keep an E1 in my pocket at all times, small as a roll of lifesavers, more power than a 4-D cell light.

They’re only $4.95 at Home Depot here. Finally, we have something here in San Diego that’s cheaper than the rest of the country. Yahoooooooooooo!

I use the $4.95 tester for 10 of my 12 inspection types. I use a SureTest $249 tester for my PREMIUM and TECH inspections.

ROTFLMAO. :mrgreen:

I asked this same question a few months ago…and got pretty much the same answer…get a Sure Test meter.
It seems that someone with a Sure test or equivalent…may have run into this concern with their basic tester…then pulled out the sure test to see what it read. ? or not?
Any how it would be interesting to know. Especially since when you disconnected the washing machine, then all three lights were on.

I don’t think the fancy sure test would have told you what this is either,
but the sure test is magical, it will make cash disappear from your wallet.:smiley: