If a staffer calls you and asks how many inspections you've done in the past week...

… please answer honestly.

All info kept confidential.

Last week

3 Home Inspections
1 Mold Inspection
3 IR Inspections

[FONT=Verdana]I would say it was a normal week not to mention very profitable!![/FONT]

I normally do not work on Sundays (first day of the week) but I have one today (Sun.) at 1:00pm and 2 scheduled for mid-week.

P.S. Nick, please keep this information very confidential! Thanking you in advance!

I would answer the question.

If we are talking Sunday to Sunday - 4 home inspection, 3 WDI inspections, 2 radon test, 2 re-inspections and didn’t take a Saturday job because of the holiday weekend.

I’ve been trying to take Sunday’s off too. 13 standard home inspections for last week. . .

I got all my food crops finally transplanted last week, weeded the butterfly-humming bird garden, and got most of the wood chips down in the walk-ways through the back yard gardens.

way to go Jae!

But…please keep it all confidential, if you would.

I wont tell anyone…

We’re starting our own leading index.

The week Going into Memorial Day weekend - Not DEAD, but SLOW

2 Mold Inspections;
2 FHA - 203k inspections;
4 Termite Inspections;
1 Radon Test (stand alone);
5 Home Inspections;
1 EIFS / Moisture Probe