If a stOOPid brick hit you on the stOOpid head

… and subsequently your stOOPid head began to bleed, are you going to install stOOPid drain tiles around your stOOPid head to try 'n catch the blood 'n divert it or are you more likely to to get the stOOpid cut on your stOOpid head stitched up/repaired?

Ya know Mr. Mark, for decades, farmers have used drain tiles to remove excess water from their field. Likewise, a recent project we are involved in also requires drain tiles to prevent water from stacking up against the house due to the very old, large tree’s preventing regrading the area. In residential settings, 95% of the time, drain tile installation is b.s but there are times when there are no other options.

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But I’m willing to bet that doesn’t include drain tiles INSIDE the home to prevent water stacking up on the OUTSIDE of the home, does it?

My comments clearly state exterior use. Reading IS fundamental

And Marks long history of posting on this subject clearly relates to the “stOOpid” practice of installing interior systems. Comprehension IS mandatory!!

Marks comments were generic in nature. Dont be a liberal and go down bunny trails or try to be the smartest guy in the room all the fucking time

Thanks for the compliment!

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i GET that a FEW times, a fewwwwwwwwwwwww, homeowners may have house built on, near spring etc and so they may indeed get water around perimeter or up through floor cracks and NOT ANY water THROUGH WALL hence, they have ONE option but i’ll say again, that’s very few in all my years i have seen here in MICH and a few in Ohio, CA and PA on-site.

Most homeowners do NOT need an INT system, nope, these idiots do NOT care to or know how to identify how-where the water is TRULY first getting in most peeps basements, all they do is BS people and confuse them so that their INT BS system sounds like the right fix, when it is not for most… but again, gotta be careful on each and every estimate-- i never go to anyone’s house n leaky basement and tell them they need EXT waterproofing, NO.

I eyeball their situation, look at their walls, windows etc… to identify their actual problem, THEN if one has some experience and common sense, the SOLUTION is at hand. - THE solution imo is STOPPING the fkkg water from entering not diverting it as it comes through wall or above wall etc

some leaky basements are due to 2 or more ways water is getting in, THROUH the wall and above the wall or, through the wall and they may need a plumber to snake lateral line - INT systems chumps don’t care about that, shtt, they’ll cover thewall (s) n let water run down, in, through wall BEHIND their wimpy cheap crap they place against the inside of wall, shtt, n these fools call it waterproofing when they never waterproofed a damn thing lol

i could have fkkd over thousands of homeowners over 40 years, NOTTA once did i, nope.

exxxample, some ONLY have–get water that comes in at–over the TOP of the basement wall, some through screwed up basement windows or openings-gaps around doors/thresholds, tuckpointing needs etc… i could have tried telling them n selling them EXT waterproofing, JUST like the CROOKED INT system co’s always do, never have.

i could have a couple boats, big azz house and bunch other toys HAD i been a liar, a cheat, a scamming lil bitthhhh like the INT system co’s, just saying.

one last time, most peeps basements do NOT need an INT drainage system nor a sump pump, fc no.
that’s based on what i’ve witnessed here in MI and a few elsewhere

imo trying to divert water is a bichhhhhhhhhh game, most won’t LAST and they pay a big number for that imo, too much, the labor is NOWHERE near, not even close to what we do - for those who do not believe then come spend a day or 2 with us, see for yourselves, better yet, grab a g damn digging shovel - that way you’ll REALLY get a good whiff of what we go through but most will never try lolll

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Mike, i’m not knocking trying to divert some surface water in backyard to wherever, my BIG bbbbitchhh is what i’ve always said, INT system companies are crooks, there’s a big diff sir. I don’t ‘think’ they are crooks or incompetent sobs, i KNOW they are, zero doubt.

Im with ya Mark. I read a generic commit by you and wanted to state what I did for the newer folks on the board regarding EXTERIOR drainage

Mike, are you saying exterior drain tile is b.s. If so, could you explain why?

This is what I get for firing off a quick comment before leaving the office…LOL… No, I’m not saying exterior drain tiles are b.s, just the opposite, however, interior applications are a b.s practice in 95% of cases. The other 5% can benefit if water is trapped under the floor due to the home being built in high water table areas. Then the drain tile can be installed to help relieve water under the floor.


I guess I misunderstood your comment to mean otherwise. :smiley: