"If i was a realtor, i would be really afraid when a home inspector came to one of my listings

1:15 - 1:40 If you have a buyer and a block house… shows block foundation wall, corner crack, leaks, mold etc

2:00 as a home inspector, what’s my job?

Hmm well i guess it’ll in-part depend on how much knowledge the home inspector has on leaky, cracked block foundation walls… EH lol

Because some HI’s only recommend installing interior drainage systems on leaky block basements with block walls, some recommend just to raise and slope the grade etc.

NOT bashing Andy C here, but i DO wonder aloud, in this video where he shows a block wall that leaks, has exterior corner crack(s) and has some mold etc inside, why he couldn’t calmy and firmly state the obvious which is, this house, this corner (like many others) needs exterior waterproofing done and backfilled correctly, NO equipment is necessary to do the much needed exterior waterproofing

And he/others could add the other obvious fact which to buyers-viewers and say something like, “I would not recommend installing an INT drainage system because it will not fix-waterproof the existing defects, the exterior crack(s) hence will not stop further water, mold in basement”. How long would THAT take 'em to say? lol If your going to INFORM then ADD to it, why stop short?

This is what that corner needs, so obvious, hand dig it out and waterproof n backfill correctly

Bubba’s, ‘Communication leg-work to prevent panic…’, follow? This is not a real estate deal ‘ender’, sheesh