If it wasn't for bad luck have none at all

My dear wife gave a list of honey doos this morning wanted me to check the shingles on three of her homes that were under contract but not closed yet.

We had quarter size hail here Monday and she was as nervous as a tom cat in a room full of rocking chairs so off I go.

I was checking the last roof and stepped up over the ridgeline and my mouth dropped to my knees. There was a hole in this roof thru the solid decking that you could shoot a basketball thru. Lightening strike had actually set the roof on fire and some of the decking had burnt enough to fall down onto the insulation. Luck I guess that it was raining sufficient to extinguish the fire as no neighbors reported seeing this roof on fire. I have observed many trees struck by lightening and were ripped apart but never a roof a first for me. I inspected this home gotta start all over now???

Wow, that would have been a surprise…

…but, it could’ve been worse.

Mr. Harry Homeowner “nothing an asphalt shingle can’t structurally span” could’ve fixed it a few hours before you got up there on the roof.:shock: :cool: :smiley:


We require photos to substantiate and file your claim!

Barry; What do you mean WE do you have a mouse in your pocket. I thought only Tony N. required pic’s:) :slight_smile:


I was on a mission of mercy did not have my camera.

Are you sure it wasn’t a meteorite?

Don’t want to let you down CB…