If someone can get me CAHPI's and OAHI's I'll add them...

Dead on George, thats why I am a member of iNACHI. I wanted an association-not a club.

Good point.

If someone can get me… 4/1/08 8:25 PM asholee

WOW I’m an as$hole for posting a comment about Mr. Harry Janssen!! I love NACHI and 99% of our members, but I have to be honest here and say that we have a few very strange and fcuked up members!!

I am not aware of Any Organization with a Higher Industry Entry Requirement than NACHI.

Please Elaborate and Defend…

Nick has pounded this into your heads until you believe it…its almost cultish…that’s what makes it so scary. From what I gather just about anyone can pass the paper or take the paper again and again until they pass so eventually everyone gets in…not everyone eventually gets in to medical school and I’m quite glad of that!!! Those of higher learning ability get in as it should be.

Presently I’m helping (free of charge) a company owned by a young gentleman make a switch from asbestos abatement and similar fields to become an energy audit and retrofit service outfit. One employee wants to become a HI to go along with the energy auditor designation he just earned after about 1+1/2 weeks of training and field experience (and he had already retrofitted homes by being an insulator/airsealer). He was a bit disappointed with the amount of study and time (on top of a regular 50-60+ hours/ week he’s already working) he was going to have to put in doing the Carson-Dunlop courses and others to become an HI through CAHPI.

I told him to go to INACHI and see about their certification process. He wrote the online paper and got 70%…not bad for a first try…but he was shocked because he’s never worked in plumbing, electrical, carpentry/building, heating and air conditioning. He asked me “how can this org exist?” It’s numbers, numbers, numbers…make it easy to get in and…they will come. So… he’s been 5-6 weeks at the Carson-Dunlop course in his spare time and is about 1/2 way through, even when knowing just a few hours more consulting with myself or others and trying the online exam again probably would’ve got him “certified”. He chose CAHPI; I showed him the other option (which by the way, he didn’t know about previously).

The Home Inspector field is quite intriguing to MANY who have ever worked in construction somewhere. The lure of ads promising $10,000 to $30,000 per month revenue for “just looking at homes” becomes more than “eye candy” when you can do it all online without supervised exams. Roy Cooke keeps wondering why so many (“70-90%”) fail in their first year: Pump out so many, flood the field and someone has to go!!! IMO, the #1 diploma mill is INACHI, not the states or HI schools. That’s why the franchises give out protected areas so as not to overload the field with too many competing member franchisees…their strategy is to survive firstly and not set members up to fail by having too many in an area. INACHI certified HI’s are the fastest growing group (maybe 13-14 members) in the Atlantic provinces but I know of at least 2 HI’s who have not renewed INACHI membership this year and another in the process of joining CAPHI!!! Nick’s strategy: make it easy to get in, keep’em coming in high numbers because they’re leaving in high numbers…goes along with what Roy’s been bemoaning.

Oh! By the way, I noticed that the “Find an Inspector” function can lie to people looking for an HI by giving them distances of the nearest INACHI HI that are not true. I checked for my old hometown…it reported that an HI in Nova Scotia was only 75.5 miles away when I know it’s at least 225 miles!!

Canadian Franchise points, neato. I own a Subway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Precisely why I’m not a member George!

What the hell are you doing inspecting then??:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :twisted: :roll: :roll:

So get quickly certified online, no proctored exams…put a FULLY “CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTOR” (that’s what the public sees!!!) on the street in 2 weeks or less (that’s what’s happening here with a franchisor using the INACHI certification process) who has done what ? …some CHI’s only have done 4 “mock” home inspections and no mentoring!!

From what I’m hearing from realtors at the past weekend’s Spring Home Show, the franchisors reputation is falling quickly!!! Big flames usually die fast.

Ah! Mario, You have a lot to give!!

Joe stated:

There is nothing to defend, as you can see by the facts listed. Two different standards. Its a pity that a vast majority have been corrupted by slick graphs, and clever marketing ploys. Further NACHI has yet to produce any form of bylaws or policies, nor is it a democratically run club. Its also a pity that NACHI is an association essentially made up of rookies, particularly in Canada, consisting of paid memberships and free memberships.

Mario stated:

Mario thats the brightest thing I have heard you express. Just remember there are more than a few screwed up members in Nachi!

One less lately. :wink:

Ha ha, thats funny! :mrgreen: NACHI is not worthy! :shock:

Where’s Nick? He started this thread.

But hasn’t that always been the point of labeling an inspector a “student” ? It’s sort of like hanging a “student driver” sign on the car. Just watch how the other drivers try to avoid you !! The “student” label and all the other demeaning labels (these actually tell the truth about a person’s experience and knowledge…isn’t being truthful a good and desirable quality in this culture?)

"The truth"? When a person with 20 years experience in the construction industry who has successfully been doing inspections for 10 - 15 years can be labeled a “student” with all the business smothering implications of that word, that is hardly the truth. It is a way of keeping that applicant paying and paying and paying his membership dues. We won’t get into the issue of his not being able to use his organizations logo or name in his advertisements.

help to keep the rabble down and preserve market share for the ‘good ole boys’ (we have guys in our area moving up the ranks to become RHI’s…they’re not held down but know they have to pass proctored exams just like they’ve already done in their past education experiences. And they know they won’t get “instantly” certified).

Quite true. I understand that some of them (most of them?) have been “moving up” for years. It makes one wonder if there is any chance at all of them actually arriving ! Reportedly the number of R.H.I.'s has remained pretty constant for a long, long time.

So if we listen to those concerns, the non qualified people entering NACHI are actually not qualified, and would you knowingly hire an unqualified non accredited inspector? To get your drivers licence for instance you not only have to write an exam you have to take an actual test in a car.

At the very least NACHI should institute a mentoring program and/or have a report verification review system for fledging inspectors.

Until the recent upsurge in overall HI numbers due to blanket and somewhat misleading ads, many HI’s were older gents adding inspection onto their income. Many of them are going into retirement now so the #'s may stay the same for a while. Down here, we’ve added about 10-12 members to raise our chapter #'s to 50 or so in the last 2-3 years,… about 25-30% increase.

No group is worthy, a burden I am willing to bear.:stuck_out_tongue:

What’s up, Doc? Suddenly it’s wery, wery quiet here.