If someone gets hurt.....

As we have heard in the last couple of months, more than one HI has been hurt or gotten sick and been unable to function as normal… (OK OK, none of us are normal.:mrgreen: ).
This may be a good time to staart a bit of a fund to direct some help toward HI’s that come into this situation.
I was thinking if each one volunteered $50 an HI, this would start off something.
Someone could be in charge of deciding if the accident/sickness merits help and would automatically advise all members that Joe had an accident and cannot work for several months or more and this NACHI committe feels so much could be sent to help out.
NOTE: This could include HI’s that all hear about, not just NACHI members.

Any comments?

I was injured in February resulting in a loss of 3+ months of revenue.


If you have not looked into AFLAC before, it is a worthwhile consideration.

I’ve had a policy called “income replacement” for over 15 years. Never had to use it and don’t pay to cover all income since it is more costly. I think the max is 80 percent coverage that most co’s will sell.

The younger you are when you first get it, the cheaper it is. I pay around $62 a month and it pays when I can’t inspect. Many policies have limitations and stop paying when you are well enough to flip hamburgers or bag groceries. It costs a little more to get a rider added that specifies the job function you perform.

When I ran a small enregy retrofit/construction company in the 1980’s, I had a very conservative, rich client (real estate broker, insurance broker, investment properties, landlord, developer, etc) with a pencil moustache and slicked back hair always in a dark suit (looked like he belonged in a 40-50’s movie) say to me: “Brian, I’ve seen and met a lot of people through the businesses I run and I’ve come to believe we’re all a little queer in our own way!”

what company is your “income replaceemt” through?

I volunteer to manage the fund. You may contribute your donations here:



How hard was it to get AFLAC? I’m having a problem getting disability companies to even look at me since I climb roofs…

Tom Schlotter

I agree - even if you DON’T use the insurance (AFLAC) for a long time, it too becomes an overhead cost and thus a business deduction.

:mrgreen: Peace of mind with a guaranteed return is always a win-win.

IMHO, of course.