If the government wants to raid any more communities with underage pregnant girls...

… the low income housing project I grew up next to in New Kensington, PA, has a much higher percentage of underage pregnant girls, kids who don’t know who their Daddys are, violence, men with multiple sex partners, drugs, and child abuse than that religious compound they raided last week.

At least the government didn’t burn them up like Janet “the baby killer” Reno did in Waco.

Indeed. Well said.

But they were living in a COMPOUND.
Gosh that sounds scary, and we cant have people living how they want can we.
They do not fit in.
Bet they do not even cut the grass to 4" max.I say go in with guns blazing.



Nick, would it perhaps be better if you posted your wacko, black helicopter, religious persecution, govt is bad, theories in a different thread?** :twisted:** </IMG>

Wooohaoooo!!! I can’t believe you just posted that on this forum!!!

Nick has a good point.
These people are religous.

And it relates to Home Inspection Legislation how???

Nicks good point could be covered with a hat. :wink:

Perhaps Nick is demonstrating how, with the passage of each new law, some freedom is lost.

Joke if you will, but I lived in a commune for a year after I got back from Vietnam. Its not always easy.

Constant party central - drugs, booze, orgies, mini-skirts, being obligated to perform on a minutes notice for multiple female sex partners. Its not all fun and games. It was a lot of work.

Yeah, same thing here, it was so horrible I almost didn’t do it.:wink:

This thread is directly related directly to home inspection licensing where an over-zealous government agency, looking for publicity, destroys an entire community over one bogus consumer complaint.

It’s scary how much power the govt. has, stripping children from young mothers: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080420/ap_on_re_us/polygamist_retreat_345

Reminds me a great deal of China.

Janet Reno / Waco . Janet Reno, Cuban child. We should all be aware of an over zealous government agency!!
Government doesn’t solve the problem, it usually is the problem!!!

Tough job, but someone got to do it!!! The nifty 60’s, free love and flower power!!!

Been there, done that. But never thought of it as “work”!!! Then, damn, I had to grow up!!!

The “good old days”!!!

and new law creates new law? Hell I support em all. Everyone else on this thread is getting audited and raided.

The way things are going,they will be charging us for air and water, making us go through scanners,start using our SS numbers as Identification, tell us our kids are not allowed to believe in G-D, confiscate property with out being found guilty, make us submit to body cavity searches when traveling, have cameras on us in public,and make tax laws so complicated you need to pay somebody just to find out how much you owe.
Hope I never see that day.After that they might even have us paying for things with our finger prints.
Some people actualy think these things will happen some time in the future.

You are now waaayyyyyyy out in left field on this one Nick, maybe a week at sea level is in order. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was asking just recently about “thin air” up there in Boulder. Must be IT!!

I’m listening to both sides of this debacle and haven’t reached a personal conclusion just yet. If, on the one hand, the authorities are correct then I certainly wouldn’t characterize the wholesale rape, abuse and subjugation of 12-13 year old girls as a “consumer complaint”. I still say Nick & the office crew got a head start on celebrating Sunday’s Boulder holiday.

If they sat back and did nothing after receiving a complaint, and it turns out to be true, what would you say then?