If the government wants to raid any more communities with underage pregnant girls...

Ken …
You do not need the atom bomb for a insect.
If I live in a 100 unit building and some other tenant abuses their kids, you feel mine should be taken too just to be safe?
Hey lock us all in our homes , and we can all be safe.Why take chances?

I will tell you why Ken.
It is because we live in a land where the people supposedly control the government and not the other way around.
Is that a good enough reason?

Bob, let’s be realistic here, none of us has been there to really know what they found, they received a formal complaint from someone who said she was a minor, we have all seen what has happened in the past with regards to cults, and last but not least, it is a walled compound, not exactly out in the open for all to see what is going on. As far as taking custody of the kids, it’s the law, they do that to protect them from harm. What do you think might happen to some of them, if this turns out to be true, don’t you think they might be threatened and convinced to remain silent? Kids are easy to intimidate, which is why there is so much abuse that slips through the system. Everything is not a Republican and/or government conspiracy.

Poor example to use Bob, that would be 100 individual households, not one compound.

What does the word compound mean Ken.
There are closed communites all over where you my freind are not allowed acess , in less you ringy dingy from the guard gate.
Are these all compounds?
Compound is used as a term to scare the public.
Is it a cult?
Why is it a cult? because it is different?Seems you are brainwashed if you feel there is guilt before trial.

Nevermind Bob, this isn’t going to go anywhere but downhill.

Unfortunately, history reflects that our Government avoids trials that it would probably lose, thus turns to other means.

For instance, at the end of War Between the States, Jefferson Davis was arrested for treason and held for years…and released without trial. Why? Because the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court explained to the Johnson administration that…should an appeal reach the Supreme Court on the issue…the court would have no choice but to rule that the Federal Government lacked the constitutional right to invade and to attack a soveriegn state. In other words, the U.S. Government would have been forced to pay reparations to the southern states it burned to the ground. Instead, Jefferson Davis was released.

Would those practicing their religion in Waco, Texas have received much more than a few fines…if convicted at all…before being attacked by the federal agents they wound up shooting?

The usual quiet and carefully protected federal “investigation” into this cult is actually being leaked and tried in the press. Why? Because they have a good solid case that they don’t want to blow? I don’t think so.

Well put

***Molon Labe!

***Why take the children? Why aren’t they giving them back if the Mothers are now out of harms way? They’re forcing the mothers to get DNA tests to claim their chidren? Where are all the men from the ranch, why weren’t the ones supposedly commiting all the crimes they talk about on the news arrested? If they were arrested, then shouldn’t the women and children be allowed to return home if they want to? Are you going to let them take your children?
Just a few questions for you guys to think about.
I’m not questioning the Government mind you, I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for our overlords. After all, if you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have anything to fear, right?:roll:

It does my heart good to see that everyone is finally starting to come around. As much as I hate to say it, I guess we need the *majority *if we’re ever going to solve this problem.

Too many people sit back and care not.
As long as they have food on the table , and American Idol.
After all, this could never ever happen to you . Right!

Our founders debated, heavily, the granting of power to a federal government knowing that once delegated, the powers would never be returned to the states. Ken Burns observed that the transfer was complete following the Civil War when, prior to it, one would say “The United States are in agreement about such and such” - after the war, one would say “The United States is in agreement about such and such”.

Too much power in the hands of appointed, anonymous people who are not politically accountable to the voting citizen is threatening, indeed.

I cannot believe you posted this!

The “Compound” was raided because of complaints from a pregnant 16-year old girl.
There were CHILDREN as young as 14-YEARS OF AGE who have been “Married” off to grown men!

  • Violence, men with multiple sex partners, and child abuse were the PRIMARY reasons for this “Raid”.
    When it comes to the raid on Waco Texas, Timothy McVay had the same feelings that you did!

He sure showed “Us” didn’t he!

So anybody who disagrees is a mass murder?

If the law is wrong change it

Age for drinking, marrage, sex, voting, etc.

HI licensing

Otherwise do the time if caught


Regardless of your point of view about the subject, I fail to see how it has anything to do with professional thermography, home inspection and or anything else related to the forum heading.

Move it to somewhere appropriate, or better yet, start it there.

Some of us have no interest in seeing this type of thing discussed in an open forum where potential customers may come and see. It is not professional or productive or pertenant to anything to do with our industry. If you want to talk about licensing or legislation, there are forums for such, and quite frankly I don;t see how that post has anything to do with even that.

31 girls between 14 and 17 have been pregnant by these men, so I would say the authorities made a good call on this one!


Point well taken

Good subject wrong place

If some one wants to start it some where else I will post - otherwise goodby


Hitler was religious also

The Third Court of Appeals agreed with me today and said the state had no business rounding up all the children in a community and taking them away from their families. Although the Court of Appeals came short of calling the state employees “a bunch of NAZIs” … it is hard to see those state employees who participated in the raid as anything but. And as the Neremberg trials have determined “I was just following orders from my superiors” is no excuse. Each and every state employee who participated in the raid, including the bus drivers, should be chaged with crimes against humanity and jailed for many years. Let’s hope the families are reunited with their children quickly.

Agree, as everything should be case by case and not a NAZI style round up based on religion or association.

Where is Janet “the butcher of Waco” Reno when you need her.?