If this association really belongs to us members...

… then how about we are allowed to vote on which non members are allowed to access our BB. Then we could keep certain bashers out and continue to benefit from the good ones. What do you think? That would be a way around the moderation issue.

Association belongs to the members?..where did you hear that?

Nick owns the association Ken…

Can we vote on what stupid threads members can start too?

Sure…but you wouldn’t like it!

Don’t remember who said it.

Who ever said it was definitely wrong----:stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I think it is an answer to our problem.


What problem are you talking about?

Try me. :slight_smile:

I think what Ken is trying to say is without the members there would just be Nick and his crew. Nick will listen if you yell loud enough and for a long time. If he will actually do something that you are yelling about, that all depends on what his Magic Eight-ball says.

P.S. For the slower nonmembers: I made up the part about the Magic Eight-ball.


Interesting that Ken chose to post this in the public forum, rather than members only. Even though it’s specifically directed at the membership.

Kenny is attempting to find some purpose in his meaningless life hoping the attention helps prove he is still relevant, don’t judge him too harshly.

joey is still looking.:mrgreen:

Agent provocateur

Bad actor

Financial guru

anti licensing lobbyist

professional crank

joey, please take the above in the spirit it was intended.:wink:

Mikey is just suffering from a bit of cabin fever, I forgive him and ask that you do the same, I’m sure it will clear itself up come spring. :smiley:

Please send him some Green it means so much to him.

Thanks for your gracious understanding joey. :wink:

I do get tired of the dark and cold. :frowning:

Red or green I don’t care as long as you do me the courtesy of signing your name.:slight_smile:

Now Mikey, where would the fun in that be for me? I am a Reputation System Anarchist.

I posted in this section so it does not get deleted if someone mentions a non members name, where they cannot respond according to Nick’s rules. I put forth the idea, because I try to fix the problem and not the blame. I hear a lot of critics complaining, yet they have no solutions. It would solve the problem that brought up moderation in the first place. The Nachi bashers would be denied the ability to make us look bad, to the public, but it would allow the non members who are helpful to continue to post. Judging by the replies so far, no one really wants to solve the problem, because it might deprive them of the means to gripe. The ignore solution has been tried and failed, wand and others have proved that over and over.

Ken…I’m curious.

Which of these two things, in your opinion, “makes iNACHI look bad”:

  1. The fact that the association cannot verify or validate who has actually fulfilled its membership requirements…yet boasts of having 6,000 members.

  2. Posting it.

How do you see this?

It is hard to see past your hate and vindictiveness James, you can cry that you’re only doing this to help Inachi, till you’re blue in the face, but most people know better. You are making wand look good. This is sad to watch!