If This is the Trend Then Licensing is DEAD

So it begins…

State to shut down first and third Fridays each month
By Kevin Yamamura
Published: Friday, Jan. 09, 2009

California will close most state offices on the first and third Fridays each month starting in February, padlocking DMV outlets and other services while reducing state worker pay to help survive a massive budget problem, according to a state Department of Personnel Administration memo.

Only offices deemed critical, such as state hospitals and prisons, will remain open under Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s twice monthly furlough plan. Employees at those state operations will still be required to take two days off each month at different times. State parks generate revenue and will not close, but employees will have to take two days off each month, said Lynelle Jolley, spokeswoman for DPA.

Exercpt: http://www.sacbee.com/1095/story/1530197.html

Thats California, and not part of the USA.

I wouldn’t count on that, what is true is that trends start first in California before spreading across the country. I know for fact that Florida](http://news.google.com/news?sourceid=navclient&rlz=1T4TSHB_enUS308__212&um=1&tab=wn&nolr=1&hl=en&q=state+budget+crisis+“florida”&btnG=Search+News) is in the very same boat regarding more debts than money to service those debts.

Here in Florida we have a multi-billion dollar budget deficit which will bankrupt the state in less than two years. [State budget crisis needs revenue-generating fixes](http://www.nachi.org/forum/State budget crisis needs revenue-generating fixes)

With problems like this across the nation I am hard pressed to think that many states will be willing to piss away money on dubious home inspector licensing legislature. Budget woes prompt states to rethink prison policy

Anyone who thinks the state budget crisis that is happening across the nation is in some way limited to California is simply uninformed or has a nefarious political agenda.

It is not so much that licensing solves nothing as it has now become unaffordable too. :slight_smile:

So what’s the big deal. The states will just go to the Federal government and ask for a bail out. OOPS I’m too late - they already have.

Pulleeze… Send me some of what you are smokin’ I need to be where you are.

How is any state, with or without funds, going to enforce their home inspection laws? That, takes money. If a state cuts spending for children and schools, and funds home inspection boards/laws, then there is something very critially wrong with our system.

I don’t think they will have any problem with enforcement, they will simply pit one group of home inspectors against another group of home inspectors. Hell, since the hatred between the groups is well established it appears to be a no-brainer solution. Look to the “Ethics Committees” within these groups for a clue.