If we can get 100 members to order 1 case (100 books) each we can get a great deal.

I case no one has noticed I am not a very trusting sort. How about order later and pay later.:slight_smile:

Let me know when exactly later is.:wink:

I just wanted to say something about the $29.95 price on the back as that is misleading. I’m sure not intentionally.

Anyone can print any price on the back of their book. It’s purpose is to imply value. I am sure no one here thinks that a 76 page, softbound book would be worth $30. Even WITH pictures.

So, while $3 is a great deal, it’s not a reduction from $29.95, it’s a reduction from $6 dollars and some odd cents like Jay said earlier.


I can’t tell you when later is until we hit the 10,000 mark for the initial order. Maybe you could send Nick an email committing to an order for the initial run and you will give him your CC info later.

The cover price on our full version of the book is $25.95, and available at Amazon at a few bucks off that. We have not decided on the cover price for the new book. A rough guesstimate would be $17-19 each.

Isn’t that an awful lot for such a limited amount of material?
That’s a price range that I would pay for a hardbound book in the 300-400 page range, maybe 200 with pictures and illustrations.
Do you sell alot on Amazon? I found a vanity publisher that does that for the author. You automatically get your work on Amazon.

I wasn’t going to put the book for Nick on Amazon or anything like that unless he wants it up there. But the book that I am showing actual publishers I think will most likely go up there.

As you said before, price can be whatever one wishes, and perceived value.

Do we sell many on Amazon? Not really. It’s not our marketplace.

Is $3 a good price? Yes.

$3 is an excellent price Jay. I had to do some serious researching to get my book within that range. It wasn’t easy, and maybe I couldn’t have done it without the large order. So kudos to you for offering such an awesome deal. :slight_smile:

I just went to the NACHI site to place my order… It took my name and credit card number, but didn’t ask a quantity.

I would like 200


I forwarded the info to NACHI.

Thanks for your support.

When I placed my order I put the amount I wanted in the space box for coments at the end of the order I expect that should be ok .
Comments or Special Requests

Please verify that all of the above information is correct before you submit this form.

Roy Cooke

The price on the book that I am looking at is $25.95 and that is more than likely $US.

Orderd my 201 books come someone top that, if we do not get to the magic # we will not get the great deal:p

Looking forward to these.

How about a running total? so’s we know how high the water is rising to?
i.e. the total number of books ordered so far, with periodic updates maybe?


p.s. the presentation binders are bringing some really positive comments…:smiley:

Last I heard, we are a third of the way to the goal.

Click here to see what we’re talking about.

How are we doing I am getting anixous and wonder are we getting close to the magic number for printing.

If you Home inspectors have not put in your order you might want to consider them.

Roy Cooke

Hey Nick,

How about an update on orders?

Members are asking and I don’t have an answer.

You can put me down for 100 books as well

I am getting low on Sunsets Jay.:smiley:

Today I forwarded all orders to Jay for him to count up.

Are we close or what? Come on Jay let it out!!:o

How many are we up to and how many are still needed to order?

I will order another 100 if needed- I am in for 100 to date!