If we had a free 1-nite Inspector Success Seminar in Vegas, would you come?

Who would come? We’re thinking one night around the middle of August - around the 13th or 14th or the 20th-21st

We’ll all be there!

OMG…please tell me you are NOT going to ready other random posts on this board tonight. I may get in trouble…:wink:

I think that means Paul’s in. :wink:

Will the band be playing?

What kind of agenda?

Not worth the flight cost for 1 night.


I would wait until fall; not as busy; make it two days, and have other seminars. Make it worth our trip costs. Not many of us have money right now. Fact.

I take any excuse I can to get to Vegas, however, in this case, I’ve already got vacation plans for those dates. . .

Push it to Sept or Oct, and I’d be there. . .

Another Lei in Maui Jeff? :wink:

Count me in. Just have to find my old Bellagio key so I can spend time at their pools.

Mandalay Bay has a great wave pool, lazy river, and a bar every six feet.

I am attending Inframation 2009 in Oct. and have a planned trip to Vegas in Aug.
I’m with Jeff on this; my arm does not have to be twisted to attend a seminar or a function in Vegas!

Actually, this is my yearly river trip - Havasu. :cool:

I have a wedding to go to soon in Federal Way. Is that anywhere near you?

I believe Nick is listed as speaking at the Inspection Stimulus convention ( http://www.inspectionconference.com/attendee-schedule-home-inspection.php) in September, why not do it the day before or after so the guys can go to the convention at the same time if they want more?

Not far at all. Let me know when you are in town or if you need anything while you are up here.

Rental cars cost more at the airport or in King County, as do the hotels. We like having the tourists pay for our sports stadiums. Let me know if you want any ideas on places to stay or things to do. I would offer a room but we are in the middle of a Harry Homeowner remodel / flip getting ready for sale. I must say, I am starting to like the wood subfloors…:shock:

If you had the Success Seminar during the day I might consider. At night I would rather be out on the town.:wink:

Vegas here I come…I will be in Vegas from Aug 14 to Aug. 22…let the show begin!

For mere personal choice, move it to Oct 8 - 11, when I’m in Vegas and I would attend and write it off as an expense.