If you are a CMI and an InterNACHI member and want a photo I.D. card...

I believe that if you add CMI to your affix in www.nachi.org/profileintro.htm it will update on the message board in 48 hours.

Hi Nick I submitted my id and photo and changed the suffix but on my temporary card CMI does not appear …is that normal? so …submitted anyway

Hi Scott -

Try it again now. I discovered a bug and fixed it.

Thanks Tim.

Nick as can clearly be seen more and more CMI’s are coming in from Ontario. Could you please provide an update on the actual amount so far.

Hi Tim I tried it again and the temporary card doesn’t show CMI anywhere does that appear after submission or am I doing something wrong? I changed the suffix to CMI and updated my profile and it shows up in my posts but not on the ID?

Hey Scott! You have 140 more posts before you become a true CMI.:mrgreen:

Hi - It shows up on your card for me, which we’ll mail to you. If you’re talking about the plain text temporary card, then that doesn’t have the CMI designation currently. I’ll add it on there on Monday.


I believe some CMIs are no longer practising and are not listed also.

Because we don’t charge annual dues, we call and email every CMI every year to make sure they are still alive and in business.

Good move… Roy

Did you ever get that call?

Why do you think it is any of your business to know what I do .

Interesting we soon could have more CMIs in Ontario then Registered Home Inspectors .

Yes you are correct Roy! I have been receiving phone calls and e-mails as to those who are leaving RHI for the same reason I know you left and Raymond.
Here is just a piece of one of the last e-mails.
I was a RHI with the OAHI but **dropped out **of this group because of some of the shenanigans that was going on there. He now may seek to become a CMI with Nicks easy payment plan.

Grand news Kevin. I know you are working hard to insure Ontario’s homeis will reap the benefits that InterNACHI and OntarioACHI have to offer aspiring home inspector.
Pretty soon and hopefully in the near future Kevin and Roy you may even hear, What’s an RHI again;)
You never know.:slight_smile:

Well Robert I would mention another group but you know what would happen if I did.:wink:

There Three new NACHI members who have been getting help from me who say I have given them more info and help then they got from OAHI in the last year.

I am not familiar with that acronym Roy, nor can I see why any such group would get their shorts in a knot over what is rightfully the members information.

But in retrospect…yes a non member divulging what is thought to be (secretive or sensitive information) should be left up to the members to divulge. If it is shared clandestinely by non members than there should be no issues unless it is damaging to that group. And if it is you think the group membership would want it divulged.
A perplexing dilemma.

I concur though Kevin, it is best left up to that groups or association’s members to decide what is said openly…

What I can imagine Roy, those fortunate InterNACHI members stating you have given them useful information on a more per capita bases than the group you mention, must feel truly gratified indeed, for the reams of fruitful information you share and always have to members whom ask:) are lucky indeed… BUT I am only speculating not knowing the information, nor the three lucky INACHI members.

What I do know is…sharing of knowledge freely is what this great association is built upon. As to that other associations or groups do with there information, their members should be entitled to it to allow a greater transparency within the group or association.
Just my 2 cents.

Hi Scott!

I’ve modified the temporary card so that it will show your designation. Let me know if you need anything else!