If you thought Federal Pacific panels are bad

Check out this Sylvania panel we had today. Servicing a small restaurant, not sure how this place hasn’t burned down yet. Built in the mid 1980s :shock:




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The question should be is why this happened?

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So what kind of temps did you get?

No TI on this one, client opted for a bare bone inspection. Good thing he did too, saved a bunch of cash.

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Very simple

Sylvania and Zinsco panels have a history of breaker failure and the kitchen is all electric, no propane. I saw outlet with two microwave’s plugged in, four toasters, ETC. Nightmare.

Different brand breakers I see, maybe 2 or 3.

Even if this were true, the panel in your picture is not one of the types that have ever had the purported issues you’re referring to.

This looks like it has more to do with the installation of components and perhaps modifications from other than “qualified” persons.

Can you elaborate more specifically on which panel was known to have defects. I very rarely see older Sylvainia panels and I can’t honestly remember if I’ve ever inspected a Zinsco panel, both brands are not used in my area. In fact I rarely see Federal Pacific panels, maybe one or two per year, which by the way I don’t consider a defect just because of the name.

As I said in my reply to Roy overloaded circuits is most likely the reason for the failure in this panel but the breaker failure shown in my picture’s was at the point of contact where the breaker attaches to the buss bar which is where the Zinsco/Sylvania panels are reported to have a design problem.

Always look forward to reading what you have to say. TYIA

IMO the breaker failure is because the Square D brand breaker was Not designed to properly fit on the buss bar. So as Jeff said the problem has more to do with “installation of components” more so than the panel/brand design.

Yes we noted the different breakers as well as the double lugged breakers, double lugged neutrals, neutrals and ground terminated together, improper termination of grounds. Given the age of the building I thought panel design was also a contributing factor.

As I said, we don’t see these very often, most used panels in my area is Square D first then Siemens. Would still like to know what specific brand of Sylvania was carried over from Zinsco.

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the transition zin-syl has dbl alum bar bus
it’s the 1 i see most issues with
i have a used zin in the shop if you need better pix of the damaged bus & ocd & their poor interconnection
stay well & keep the rubber down

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