If you voted for Obama, sign in, please.

Let’s out the morons.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me…I voted for Maury Povich.

A better choice than Obama, mos def.

In case it was, in any way, in doubt, I did not either.

I voted for Obama…

in the Wisconsin primary

I didn’t Vote!:mrgreen:

I voted for Obama and anyone that bought a new car this summer or is a first time home buyer is thanking him.

Personally I think only a moron would start this thread with an insult.
Typical of old retro thinking.
The majority voted for him and you are the minority thinking you know more than the rest of the country.

Go find a white sheet that fits your tiny head,take two aspirin and call a shrink in the morning.

Gee, I get to be second.

I did. Proud of it. And I hope Congress grows some balls and shoves every single liberal policy up your collective rear ends. If the blue dog democrats don’t come around, they should have any support from the DNC withdrawn and they can go to hell too.

I think a simple “I did” would have sufficed. You’ll notice the others did not supply vile rhetoric.

Like Joe’s first sentence in the initial post. Screw you.

So at least you admit to being a moron. I understand that is the first start to recovery.:roll:

Gettin’ a little horny???

Not me.

Same old 5 or 6 people over and over crying that Bush the 3rd lost the election.
Those wacky rednecks just are not breeding with the cousins like they used to.

I voted for prime minister Harper. Sort of counts doesn’t it?
( once again the liberals in the crowd start the name calling. Truly the party of hate.)

I did not vote for Obama.

I do not think anyone who did is a moron
I do not think anyone who did not is a redneck or should be wearing a sheet over their head or has sex with their relatives.

I agree Frank. And although I did not vote, my wife did and voted for him.

He got the position by the majority vote of the U.S. Citizens and have to live with him trying to undo the mess created by the previous President.
That will take more than his four year term to do.

In the meantime a lot of us are struggling to make ends meet.

You have to give the guy an A+ for effort. The system cannot change around over night.

JMHO :slight_smile:

And your point is?

I voted for President Barack Obama. Like a majority of Americans did. That’s how he became President of the United States. And I am proud that he has the intelligence and the courage to tackle vital issues that have proven intractable to this point in our history.

I suspect it’s more then John McCain would have even tried. Though I am confident he’d have started another illegal war to distract everyone by now. Can you sing “Bomb Bomb Iran”

The interests of you righties is clear and unsurprising. You folks (well your handlers really) want a return to power. At any cost and without regard to the damage to the nation. Asked to participate in a national conversation on an important issue your best response are shouted epithets that demonstrate the intellectual emptiness of your positions.

At least one clear emotion that your handlers are adroitly exploiting is the fact that a strong core of righties are livid there’s a niggar in the white house. Please don’t deny this as the comments and behaviors of your fellow travelers make it apparent. And I am more then old enough to remember the old “wink,wink,nudge” . It’s so clear tome that I do contend that anyone supporting the like of “Great white hope” bachman is as much a rascist as if they made the comments themselves.

So to return to your starting insult. I proudly voted for President Barack Obama. And expect to work for his reelection in 2012. And when the only poll that counts is taken that November day in 2012 I believe that a majority of Americans will do the same.

Not me. Are you liberals sure he won…after all he did have Acorn working for him. Besides he is not legit.