If you voted for Obama, sign in, please.

Otay Bobwheat!



It will be impossible to find anyone who voted for Obama 4 years from now.

Thank you, morons, for outing yourselves.

Well, considering this is a public Forum, thanks for joining us Joe. :mrgreen::wink:

I personally believe using the N word is un-called for, regardless if your trying to make a point or not…Please refrain from using this word in the future.

I assume you are trying to be witty by subtly referring to buckwheat .
There is nothing witty about racism but I am sure you feel secure in the redneck backwaters .where the only thing black is the dirt in the mind.

Come to Chicago and I can introduce you to a few friends that would love to hear how religious you are ,and how G-d approves of your way of thinking.

Mike, Say it ain’t so!

I want to be very clean on this. One can, legitimatly disaree with Obama on matters of policy and not be racist. I really hate it when the left uses the red-herring arguement of racism whenever that don’t wan’t to be distracted by facts. I disagree with Obama on much of his policies, not because of the color of his skin. In any case, he is not black, he is a mulato.

Obama is a pretty far left President (in his ideology) and this country is center - right. I believe that Obama will (as he already has) steer more to the center of he will get shot down in every policy initiative he attempts. He has already done so with:

  • Health Care Reform
  • Homosexuals in the Military
  • Homosexual Marriage
  • Tax cuts (somewhat)
  • The wars in Iraq and Afganistan
  • Firing his “green Czar” and backing down on this “green job” initiatives.
  • Using tax cuts, rather than huge government spending to achieve recovery. Please note that most European contrys have already recovered without pushing big spending bills.
  • He continues foreign renditions, had increased attacks against Al Qeida in Pakistan, and I believe will not close Gitmo, next year, as he promised. He is, pretty much, keeping Bush’s policies as far as terrorism is concerned.
  • He, at least in public speeches, is talking very much like a senter - right president would.

Hope this helps;

Not really. If you disagree with Obama you are a racist, plain and simple.

Will ,What you fail to see is that the title of this thread begins with an insult.
Since you feel elections are nothing but a popularity contest perhaps you feel the elitists of the Republican national party should pick the president.
The very fact you mention elections are nothing but a popular contest and then cite falling poll numbers is nothing but a contradiction in itself.

The topic is who voted for Obama and not let’s dissect his policies .

P.S i bet you’re not complaining about all the business you are getting until November 30 through first-time homebuyers program.

New homebuyers are getting an $8000 rebate which I do not see being discussed on this forum surprisingly.

And why should first time home buyers be given a preference over anyone else?

I think the first time home buyers rebate is a big mistake. There are a lot of first time buyers that should not or would not buy right now if it was not available.
Unfortunately many of those will loose their first home.

Joe, I respectfully disagree with you on that.

Oh, man…now I’m apparently bigotted toward Irishmen…

and Irish potatoes…

and Irish whiskey…

and My Wild Irish Rose.

Not to mention Notre Dame…

In the mind’s of leftists, I agree.

In reality, not so much.

No Bob, I do it because it gets the whites of your eyes, just like you say crap to get mine and others. I am no racist, I have bl–k friends, have had bl–k employees and will sit down and eat with bl–k folks and give them a bed to sleep in in my home. You have already been exposed as the true racist here…you use the N word when no one is looking. Racism is the only stupid argument you far left types use to answer anyones disagreement with your messiah. Why don’t you admit it, you nor your comrades care about what the poor people get, it is just an easy excuse to make sure you get freebies. :roll:

OK. Let’s discuss it. Oh, look! Someone already has!

It turns out it is only vile rhetoric if it is not initiated by one of the resident Wing Nuts, Stephen…:twisted:

They are not used to speaking up in public, and having the public telling to stick it…

George it started with Joe’s first post. Can’t you wing nuts even read???:frowning:

Since his first words are" Let’s out the morons." I should hope you would agree on that point.

His point is that he wants to get those who did vote for Obama on record, so that when this policies fail, we will know who to blame.

You are assuming his intentions unless you have some insider knowledge i am not aware of.

Kinda like the old “I voted for Gore”, or “I voted for Kerry” bumper stickers. I think that you would agree with me that both Gore and Kerry were idiotic candidates, as far as national security, during a war, is concerned.

Again you assume wrong as I doubt we would have been involved in attacking the wrong country (ask Charlie Sheen) lol

I shudder to think of how it would have gone if 911 had happened under a Gore administration. Don’t you?

I wish it had in hindsite, (though perhaps through a twist it never would have (see Charlie refference above) as the economy would not once again fall to a Democrat to fix.
Seems to be a regular happing ,would you not agree?

Elections are merely a popularity contest, if the electorate is not well informed. Or if the people are not voting FOR a candidate, but against another candidates predicesssor. Bush was not running, McCain was, yet, you have posited that McCain would have been Bush III.

Elections are elections. Polls are polls, and while statistically valid (mostly) they do not have any actual effect (or should not) except for getting a feel for how things are going. Elections, on the other hand, are not a mere statistical sample, but the actual determination of the country. I would hope that the electorate would be better informed and well read for elections tham they are when they answer polls. Wouldn’t you?

No contradiction. Study the nuance.

Your logic is flawed as the candidates have their own ideas but are predesposed to follow basic party philosopy.
People often vote party line because it is good common sense to do so in general.
McCain came out as a Bush type Hawk at a time when people began to finnally wake up to the Bush and son failed policy of war in the middle east.

No, I am not. But this “stimulus” is a tax cut (the $8,000 bucks is something to be taken off your taxes, not an $8,000 check. Think of the difference!)

The left is NOT about tax cuts, but, yet, these are the things that work.

BTW: It will be interesting to see how many car dealerships gget screwed by the govt. and don’t get paid. Kinda like Medicare.

Your logic is once again flawed as you catagorise and pidgeon hole your personal belief of what a Democrat is into a shallow general statement that you assume must be correct because you said it .
Republicans rais taxes all the time and the whole point of the tax cuts is to be selective in order to benefit those that need the help.
Republican philosophy is to help the rich and hope the poor or middle class can open their mouths wide enough to to get tinkled on and drink the waste.