If you want an blue InterNACHI lanyard to wear with you photo I.D., order here. Free.

Order your free, blue, InterNACHI lanyard by emailing Lisa Endza at lisa@internachi.org

Don’t forget to include your name and shipping address with your request.

These are very nice, high-quality lanyards. Free for members.

Are they strong enough for a camera?

Problem I have is most lanyards are too short for tall people. :neutral:

Thanks Nick

thanks, i sent the email.

I currently punched a hole in mine and use a clip to attach it to my shirt or coat pocket

I was going to say I bet they are good for that to. The key is to keep it in the holster. Never just hang them on your neck.

Thanks for the offer on the lanyards. I put in my request.

I will second what Nick said, these are High Quality and serve a usefull purpose. I still have mine from nearly 5 years ago. Just TODAY, I had a client ask me (in a sincere tone) 'What makes you qualified to be a Home Inpsector?" While I was answering her question, I showed her my Lanyard with my NACHI I.D. card. She was thouroughly satisfied with the card. there was no doubt in her mind, I was a pro, not an amature.

Thanks Nick!

I have mailed all requests out today, sorry for the delays :wink: I do have more in stock so if you haven’t already, send me an email to: lisa@internachi.org with your request and address.