If you want to come to our annual convention in Texas and can't afford it, I'll buy.

If you would like to come to our annual convention in Texas: www.nachi.org/convention and can’t afford it, I’ll buy.

Maybe you know of a member who wants to come?

The food alone costs us $60/attendee.

I want everyone who wants to come to be able to come, so I’ll personally pay for their admission ticket if money is an issue.

Come out, sit in on a class, meet everyone, stay as long as you like, eat with us. No charge.

Let me know.

Wow thanks Nick and Nachi very generous.

Sorry that I can’t be there. I’ll be in Colorado meeting my new Grandson.

As valid of an excuse as one could have. Wish I had a Grandson.

Great deal.

Give Nikolai some time :mrgreen:

Or a Barry White Mix Tape and some Chocolates and WHAM…

Hey everyone!

We are 10 days away from the biggest inspection convention of 2016!


Nick bought a bunch of tickets to give away and he only has 19 left! If you want to go, you’ll have to jump on this fast!

Get 16 CE’s, free breakfast and lunch and meet with vendors!

For a free ticket to the event, please post to this thread or email me at michelle@internachi.org before October 11th.

See you at the event!

I’ll be there. Already paid but that’s a awesome gesture. Too bad I cannot take advantage of it, thanks anyway.

If the offer is still good, I am trying to talk a guy into going and splitting the gas and hotel.

Tell him to email me and I’ll hook him up with an admission ticket for free.

Just read this. Probably too late but sent him an email. I’m leaving tomorrow at ~ 11:00 AM puts me there at about 2:30 Friday. If Steve wants to go I got the ride.

That is very generous of you Nick, Iwould of loved to take you up on that offer but can’t afford the flight and hotel. I enjoyed the conference in Orlando this year!

Chicken strips at Layne’s an A&M tradition since 1994 the 1994 part gave me a chuckle. Too late to make the vendors though.