Ignition Burners

Hello all! I am currently running through the HVAC module again to attempt to solidify my knowledge. I was wondering if anyone had any diagrams/illustrations/pictures of the different types of burners. I am having trouble visualizing them and having trouble finding a reliable picture online. The types mentioned in the curriculum are…

  • Mono Port
  • Ribbon (Multi Port)
  • Drilled (Multi Port)
  • Slotted (Multi Port)

Thanks in advance for your help!

Not being snarky, but just google them. They are all highly visible.


The Mono port ones are pretty simple for me to grasp, I’m having more trouble with the multi port section - just trying to be thorough when it comes to what was in the curriculum. When I google the multi-ports, I don’t know what I’m looking at to know if it is a reliable representation or not.

The above is what I could find relatively quickly. I hope it helps, you. :smile:

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Thank you!

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Welcome, Nicholas! :smile: