Ignore my e-mails last 2 days

I never used Outlook till the other day as I needed it for some new software .
Apparently when I got outlook up and running it had been saving bottled up e-mails, and sent them out from over 2 years ago.

So any messages over the last couple days may be very old, and I appoligize in advance.

Surprisingly many are being answered. :slight_smile:

One was a reply from Nick thinking I was a new member all over again. lol


You don’t seriously think anyone here is going to have any trouble ignoring you, do you? :p:D

What…was someone talking…I thought I heard Bob…Oh nevermind!:p;-)

I thought Bob was loosing it when he sent me the same Nomination for Awards the second time. ha. ha.

I knew he was too young to turn senile yet.:mrgreen:

Marcel :):smiley:

Yes you were one of them.

I downloaded the Faststone software for video and web page capture which requires outlook express to have any captures emailed.

I still wonder what Outlook is for as I use Gmail for most stuff.

Remember I am not computer trained.

I can only imagine what else got e-mailed out.(not sure I want to know).

Don’t worry Bob, you sent out an email authorizing me to charge you for Home Inspector Pro 100 times, but I only charged you 50, the other 50 I gave you free :smiley: Thanks for the 25k!

Gmail is web based. Software programs can’t hook into it as easily so they want outlook installed (though outlook can then pull up your Gmail).

Yeah , I kinda figured that it must be integrated into the hard drive since it comes with the computer.

I asked you how to get it going almost a year ago when I could not figure out what all this SMTP and POP stuff was all about.

I entered PEPSI under pop but it still did not work, so big help you are.

LOL. POP stinks, too much caffeine. Use IMAP :smiley:

Yeah that was for Gmail , though thats all I remember.

Hope Vegas was good to you.