Ignore this post.

Can’t delete this. This thing is not cooperating.

I was curious and can’t follow directions :slight_smile:

I know. This is going to get more views than the Flash card post.

How long am I supposed to ignore it for?

I’m not gonna tell you. I’m ignoring you. :mrgreen:

I’m ignoring Post 1 but following all the other posts… :wink:

Well said. :mrgreen:

Ok I ignored it for as long as I could. I failed :frowning:

What post?

I’ve ignored it long enough, I can’t anymore.
It is always there. :wink:

It’s spreading north!!

And south.

It actually started in México.

And went to Boulder;):mrgreen:

then Ohio…

Someone sent me this link for some reason…

Pretty hard to Ignore this post when the friggin thing keeps popping up in my email.

You can use the thread tool to unsubscribe, Marcel. Of course then you won’t know what you’re missing.

Marcel doesn’t miss much…