Ike is not there yet...

but downtown Galveston is already flooded with over 4’ of water. It goes from Mobile to Mexico, I have a feeliong New Orleans is about to be wiped out again. God help those folks. :shock:

Not sure where you are getting that information from…Galveston is not yet getting rain from Ike much less widespread flooding. N.O. is not feeling any affects of Ike either.

They Keep showing pictures on CNN! Are they that desperate to generate news?

Yes just like allways

There’s no doubt the residential west end of the island which is not protected by the seawall is starting to feel the effects of the surge but I think depicting 4’ of water in downtown is an overstatement at this time. That may very well happen but it will be later this today and evening.

They may be speaking of the surf side beach area

Could be Surfside but I suspect they are showing Jamaica Beach, a little closer to Galveston proper.

Listen to live coverage at

Good luck to anyone in the path of Ike.

Here in NE Ohio it was a very dry summer. I had about a 1/2 inch of rain in 2 months. Now today we have had an inch of rain and it is supposed to rain for the next 3 days.

It looks like Ike is heading this way and is gonna dump a few more inches after that.

This is when I inspected a lot of homes during a dry time and then people get wet basements now and may start calling. (I try to document as best as I can)

I always like to watch the weather channel when the reporter is standing in the path of the storm.

The storm surges are unbelievable.

Please take care down there!!

I just watched it again, Geraldo was standing in 1’ of water on top of a Sea Wall that is 15’ high, and the waves knocked,(funny) him down. There is a famous Restaraunt behind him, on top of a Pier, and the water inside is a 1’ deep. There is a parking lot, and the water is over the car’s tires. Saw houses, with first floor walls knocked out. Water is supposed to rise another 9’ when Ike comes ashore, for a total surge of 25’. You guys hang on and be safe. Why didn’t ya’ll evacuate?

I also just watched video at KHOU ( ~7 minutes into the video though) that showed waves breaching the seawall. I was watching one of the offshore drilling platform weather monitors showing 125 mph sustained winds earlier as well. It’s gonna get bad now.