I'll be in Toronto next month to look for a House of Horrors building.

Meeting with a commercial agent to show me some two-story buildings with warehouses.

That’s awesome, Nick. I’m looking forward to it.

What happened to the one in Oshawa? I thought one was purchased out there. An old Farm House

You may find incredibly great deals in places like Hamilton (West of Toronto). Steel mills have all but closed, lots of industrial land and large buildings, good chance of municipal grants for re-use and about equi-distant between Buffalo Airport (NY State) and Pearson Airport (Toronto Ontario), also a stones throw from Hamilton International Airport.

Easy access from Highways (QEW, 401, 403 and 407) and via rail (Go-Transit and Via/Amtrak)

While it’s a pain for guys in the east (Ottawa-Toronto corridor) to get to, it is almost central to the major population centres of Ontario. (Toronto-Windsor Corridor, Niagara-Barrie corridor.)

Hope this helps.

Not far from Niagara Falls either :mrgreen:

The place in Oshawa never came to fruition.

Yep, It’s about 1 hour in the rush hour. I can do it in 45 minutes at 3 in the morning. :smiley:

Great work.
Keep us posted.

Montreal use to be the financial hub and center of Canadian commerce until many of Canada’s finance and insurance centers moved West to Toronto, but the trend is reversing.

Might be an idea to consider Montreal as well, Nick.
1: Real Estate is much cheaper.
2: Gilles did a great job insuring OACIQ accepts our members.
3: It is a bilingual city.
4: The jenesequa is just what a global InterNACHI would benefit from.
5: An amazing festival season that attracts many tourists.
6: The food is fantastic!
7: You do not have to push through 7 other associations already there to attract members to join InterNACHI. Lots of room for growth as compared to Ontario.

As a global city, Montreal has many fine qualities as compared to Rob Ford’s Toronto.


You might want to read these:


Also be aware of the vast size of Canada (as opposed to the size of the U.S.)

Montreal to Ottawa 200 Km
Montreal to Quebec 254Km
En-catchment area population c4.5m

Hamilton-Burlington-Oakville-Missisauga-Toronto corridor 69Km, En-catchment area popn. c7.2m

Hamilton-London corridor 129Km, En-catchment area popn. c 2.5m

Montreal does however have the most bi-lingual population of any city in Canada. (New Brunswick is the only bi-lingual province in Canada however)

Residential real-estate is cheaper in Montreal than Toronto, but then that’s true of almost ever city in Canada with the exception of Vancouver. Commercial real-estate is on par with the rest of Canada (with the exception of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver)

The problem is anywhere in Quebec province you have to deal with French real-estate laws, which are different from those in the rest of Canada (and the U.S.)

As for the other 7 associations, who cares, no-one has the clout to build a house of horrors location other than InterNACHI so there will not be any competition.

Hey Nick, why not build a trailer of horrors. You could install most systems a house of horrors would have and then tour around North America with it and give seminars at the same time.

Dan, your fellow Canadian said it best: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-ij_iTQt2w

Great idea!

Bought my first twelve string, a Yamaha 512, to play Gordon’s music.
Good post Nick.

No matter where you built it, they will come.
A field of dreams like InterNACHI.

Great idea to have a House of Horrors in Canada! It should be in a major population centre and of course I’m naturally biased towards Montreal (3 of the best 5 restaurants on that list are here…+ Real estate much cheaper).

I like that Gord Lightfoot clip circa 1971.

Nick when are you arriving in Toronto?


G. your the king mate!

Keep us posted on a date and keep us posted if you are going to put a seminar together.
Only 6 weeks left, or there abouts, till next next month.

As for the property for the house of horrors in TO.
Having it inspected may kill the deal.:frowning:

G. I will try to make the trip if Nick pulls a seminar together.
Have some ideas for Quebec homes and we can have lunch.
Have always had ideas, but unlike yourself, I didn’t have the time to follow up on them.

Good work with the OACIQ recognition.


Thanks for your kind words.


You are quite welcome.
You have done much work.

Keep in touch if you do or don’t go.