Ill inspector 2nd floor laundry floor drain?

Il inspectors please help, I helped my sister do a final walkthrough on new construction outside Granite city IL when I asked why there was no drain in the floor of the second floor laundry I got the deer in headlights look and after explaining the reason they said there was no need for it. I inspect MO and all homes with second floor or first floor laundry must have a drain or a pain that has a drain in it. Is this code or not code in Il. There is no city inspector, any comments?

Illinois apparantly adopts Codes at the municipal level.

See here and click Illinois on the map:

You would need to contact the actual municipality in question to know exactly what plumbing Code, if any, is in force in that jurisdiction.

If none, then what you see and what you get is perfectly acceptable ‘Code’ wise.

May not be good building practice, but without the force of law to define standards and back them up, there isn’t anything you or your sis can do but ‘suggest’ the builder make the changes or have your sis enter into a ‘change of work’ order with the builder and pay more money for the drains if they were not contracted for under the construction agreement…