Ill.: State Enacts Building Code Law

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(October 13, 2004) – Illinois lawmakers have passed the Illinois Residential Building Code Act, which requires home builders to include in written contracts which universally accepted code they are using to build a new home.

According to the Illinois Home Builders Association, 76 of the state's 102 counties do not have established codes for new home construction.

"Right now a builder can do anything he wants to and who can say if it is good or bad? That leaves it to a judge who has no expertise in that area," according to Edd Knight, owner of E.A. Knight Construction in Carbondale, Ill., and president of the Southern Illinois Home Builders Association.

If an area has not adopted a code, the builder has to use a code that has been adopted within 100 miles of the construction site, and it will be assumed that contractors are using the International Residential Code if the builder and home owner fail to agree on a specific code.

The new building code law is scheduled to take effect Jan. 1.

Source: Southern Illinoisan (10/10/04); Smyth, Jeff

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