I'll wait until 2010......

for this beauty. http://blogs.carpoint.ca/2008/12/nissan-nv2500.html

I was going to buy a new vehicle next year but I’ll wait until then to get this one.

That would be a nice vehicle to have…by 2010 I’ll be ready for a new one too… :slight_smile:

Hopefully they actually manufacture this one, all the cool concepts never actually make it to the public.

I don’t need a Handyman van… I’m an Inspector! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

My Little Giant fits in the truck bed covered just fine…

Truck Signs 003.jpg

Pickups are not good for city work.
Too easy to break in ,and to cold when all your tools are outside.

So ,you must have a sideline to need all that.
I just heard about the KIA Soul.

Wonder how much that will be?,as it is supposed to be a little like the Scion XB

I keep all the tools in the rear seat, never too cold for that!:mrgreen:

And the bed (which only has a ladder and water meter ‘t’ bar) is covered with a Retrax bed cover that’s lockable…:roll:

You guys in the big city scare too easily…:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Truck Signs 002.jpg

I have had tools stolen from a lockbox ,less than five minutes after leaving the vehicle.

Just streetwise!

Bob, I’m thinking an armored car is needed where you work! :shock:

Problem is that you gotta get out ,at some point.
I had 4 guns pointed at my head over a one year period .

Always in broad daylight.

LOL - it’s good to be scared.

After several incidents, I’m knocked down a notch to just nervous (thanks to a .38 )

When was the last time you had a crack whore bend over and piss on your bumper, while you’re in the store getting “adult” beverages. :mrgreen: Thank god she only did #1.


No sideline just like the wow factor. I also like that Dodge Sprint van in the video with Nick and Don but to big for where I live, at least for now.


Problem up here with a pick up is in the winter I’ll be more busy shoveling snow out of the back of it then doing inspections. :mrgreen:

I mapquested your locale, you need to work ‘away’ from the big city!!!

I’dbe done moved South! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

:shock: WOW! . . . I’d be moving somwheres else . . . be careful Bob!

I think that truck is awesome, Gerry!..but how do you suggest I pay it off?

At $658.79 a month, over 38 yrs.; I will still have a payout of $147,786.00 before

I own it!

I make pretty good money as an inspector, but…

Chicago Property Inspection as a name, kinda decides that for me.

The reference was from almost 10 years ago,though I have been in quite a few bad locations since.

I have had many service jobs, and did have a confrontation this summer when taking pictures of a house with clients at home,that wanted trouble.
It was a Insurance draw.


it’s true… it’s a nice car!
but 2 years to wait is a long time…
i’ll buy my car earlier! i really need a new one!!!

I can wait my vehicle is fairly new and in excellent condition. My wife finally went out and got her D.L. so I was thinking of giving her my van and getting this handy “home inspector” van.:mrgreen:

Lots of good deals out there ,so look hard.

With the way the loonie took a dive (Must of saw a fish) things are going to get expensive for us Canadians again. no at par or above par shopping for awhile.