Illegal Pool Drains are still in place!

Many of you are aware of the fact that pool drains have tremendous suction that has caused the death of several children.](

Several small children have been trapped at the bottom of the pools and drowned. One small child actually had her intestines pulled out of her body and later died.

These deaths prompted the passage of a bill that required the modification of the pool drains to a “safer” style.

I was under the impression that this bill would require ALL drains to be replaced to the “safer” styles.

Now I find that this bill does NOT require private pools to retrofit their drains and the older more dangerous drains that have caused deaths are still in place.

This is something to watch for when you inspect a swimming pool / spa / hot tub during a home inspection!

This video points out the fact that MANY swimming pools at popular hotels across the nation are still using the older more dangerous drains!

Pools beyond SOP’s. Let a pro do it. As in mold, chimneys, etc. leave it to them. Lift your liability. CYA.

Do not assume that the drains are the only identification that the anti-entrapment safety feature is not in place. Devices can also be installed in the pump room as well. If you do not know recommend a CPO specialist, don’t act like one.

This is why Realtors hate to deal with “Deal Killers”…bad inspection reports.


Agreed… That is why I do NOT conduct Pool Inspections.

I “Let the Pros” do it!

If you are not certified / qualified ALWAYS refer this inspection to someone who is. :nachi:

Commercial pools have permits, the Board of Health will not reissue a permit till the pool meets the new code. Again the older drains are not a way to ID the issue. The retrofit system is about $1,500 and installing drain cover with a two drain system is thousands more… these covers expire in 5 years from install date (recorded with Health Dept). When inspecting these pools you will need county records.