Illegal / unsafe venting?


This is a vent from a propane stove located on the opposite side. Concern was the prox. to the door and windows.

You would have to see the manufacturer’e installation instructions on the direct vent stove.

I installed one, with permit, a few years ago and the distance to the door was 9" for mine…I don’t remember the window distance but it is measured from the actual edge of the vent piping not the termination edge that you see there.

Is that window ‘openable’?

Generic measurement to windows that open are 12 inches. Assume doors to be the same, but may be less due to the nature of doors not generally being left open as people sleep.,least%2012-inches%20above%20grade.

Not illegal, but definitely not recommended location as far as I am concerned. Is that a casement window on that bay window unit, and is that a chair on the deck? Not a very logical location for a vent.

Not likely the stove is currently in operation if there’s a chair available for use on the deck.

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I would have to agree. Yes it’s a casement window. I did check and you can get a permit for that in New Brunswick. But certainly looks unsafe.