Illinois approved CE: Advanced Inspection & Safety Overview, April 5th.


To add to your post and the listing on the NACHI Chciago web site:

We have space still available for these two, 6 hours each state approved CE courses in the partnership between NACHI and People’s Energy.

There courses are, by far, two of the absolute best courses I have ever had the privledge to attend. The instructors are top notch. They, both, know their stuff and know how to teach. In addition, they have a oands-on lab with every type of gas appliance you could concieve of. All types of furnaces, boilers, water heaters, stoves, etc. Some fo these they actually set up a defect and have you see and ‘play with’ close up.

They provide breakfast and lunch, both days. The lunch comes from a famous Chicago area ‘hole in the wall’ lunch place and is really great. You get you choice of many Chicago favorites, from Maxwell street style hot dogs, to Italian beef to Pizza and much more.

Great coffee too.

NCHI Chicago has negoitated this partnership and it has worked through two other presentations previously.

Well worth it.

Hope this helps.