Illinois approved InterNACHI's FREE online Exterior Inspection course for 6 hours.

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation approved InterNACHI’s free, online How to Perform Exterior Inspections course for 6 hours.

Your the King Nick.NACHI TV works mate.
We have to get you knighted.

What is the Fee for a Non-Member of Nachi?

Conversely, without me digging through the site, what is the fee to become a Nachi Member?


Ed if you are serious about becoming a HI home inspector, then maybe you should investigate.
No one is going to give you the answer when you are doing tests or inspecting homes are they?
Not being funny, but really.:slight_smile:

Hi again, Ed!! It’s too bad a non-member like myself has to give you the info!!

  • “Note: Many of our courses are open and free to all. The others are open to non-members who pay an annual fee of $365 (the same price members pay). Non-members who desire to take our courses should contact Lisa Endza at (303) 502-6214 or *

Why are you a non member again Brain???:twisted:

I wasn’t as much interested in changing careers, but would like to add any Roofing Certification to my arsenal on behalf of my company.

Thanks for the information Brian.


Ed, here is our Mastering Roof Inspection series:

Thank you very much.

There is a lot of information in those links. :slight_smile:

One comment after a very brief observation in the Hail Forensics section, is that typically, the Insurance Contract offers a dispute resolution process called “Appraisal” versus the listed “Arbitration” mentioned. The description is correct for the Appraisal Process. Arbitration usually utilizes an Umpire or Judge that is hired by the Insurance Company.


Ed you do not have to become a Home Inspector to gain life skills. InterNACHI small fee rewards you in many ways.
See how it inriched your life already.
InterNACHI gives you the skills in residential building safety, maintenance, a full encyclopedia or cornucopia of higher learning and advanced education to use for what ever reason.
See it never hurts to gain more intelligentsia.
You have that extra feather in your cap that your boss can say is yours, and reward you accordingly. GET IT!!
Just a thought mate.:slight_smile: