Illinois continuing education

Are NACHI classes considered a proctored class or do I need to take another test.

They’re not proctored. And it cost as much to pay the State Chapter to have the Nachi exams proctored as it does to pay someone else to tale a whole new class, including proctoring. So I recommend paying another institution for a their class and learn something new.

Where are you in Illinois? Chicagoland NACHI chapter now has ability to proctor NACHI exams. Chicago chapter meets each month on the third Thursday at Best Western, Hillside, IL. Exams can be proctored at the end of each chapter meeting.

Contact the chapter president, Jeff Merrit, 773-457-4542 or for more info. And they do not charge anywhere near what the state chapter does…I heard $5 but don’t hold me to that!

Not much help for Chris as he is in timbuktu.
Move to civilization Chris.

Can’t understand how/why Kenneth is able to charge $80, when Jeff will do it for $5.

Actually I’m quite happy with the courses I’ve taken so far at Quality Education. I like their online format better than most Nachi courses. It’s a narrative PowerPoint style that’s presented just like you were setting in the class room.

I get educated daily on the job,forums,from other inspectors ,meetings,seminars etc,so for me it is a formality and price is the difference but is it so good you will take more than the credits you are required to grab ?