Illinois home inspector directory

Hello, my name is Darek Rudnicki and I’m a retired Illinois home inspector. I’d like to invite all Illinois home inspectors to add your business to the Illinois Home Inspector directory I’m currently creating (I did already send direct emails to a few Illinois home inspectors / InterNachi members). There’s absolutely no charge for your fully featured business listing inclusion in this directory (example:

The directory accepts (besides the general home inspectors) mold, asbestos, radon, structural, engineers, lead, EIFS, oil tanks, pests, septic, well, and a few other professions. Please let me know if you have any other categories you think should be included.

All you need to do is register, input your business information into the form, and upload pictures. There’s really no downside of this whole process (except for a few minutes of your time required for registration), you can only gain from extra exposure. I’ll be promoting it to make sure the directory is on the top of Google in every Illinois city, but I need your listings so I have something to promote:).

I’ll be happy to answer all your questions and welcome any suggestions you may have, I’m sure there are things that can be improved and added to this project.

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving,
Darek Rudnicki
Founder and editor of:

Hi Darek
Love your site and have been looking at it for years.

Tried to comment once but you never replied so forget you buddy…Just kidding.:slight_smile: ,though it is true I emailed you.
Thanks will “Check this out”

Nice site Darek.

No offense intended, but wouldn’t a directory listing page which has your competitors listed and which may bump you down the page on Google be a “downside”?:shock:

he doesn’t do home inspections


Hello, my name is Darek Rudnicki and I’m a retired Illinois home inspector

Yes, but all the other inspectors from my area which he intends to sign up to his site do.

And why the heck am I listed as a non member when my renewal isn’t up yet?

Welcome,I hope you continue to post and learn here Cameron.
Sign up to become a NACHI member and learn even more .

Please come back and post sometime.

Are you OK Bob?


Why do you ask ?
Cameron is listed as a active poster not a member…must be a new guy.:slight_smile:
Learn to pay attention to details

How was the Delaware place ?

His join date was in 2011, but since he’s in his final month…he’s listed as a non-member. You’re right…details are important.

Delaware place was nice. Block and a half from Hancock Tower, no view of the lake, 1025 sq ft but still listed for $650,000. Ended parking off Wabash in the public garage. More than enough was added to the quote to cover parking and additional travel time.

You ever see the top of the Ogden International Elementary School? Pretty neat…basketball courts up on the roof surrounded by grass.


Sounds like it was a nice view .
If you took pics and have time later post them here so we can see them.

What the hell you still doing up at 4am? Moonshiners marathon ended at 3am!

I thought I was the dumb one being up til 1:30am doing reports.


LOL, quick wit Bob. :slight_smile: That was good for a thanksgiving morning laugh. My wife just asked if there are an “new-member” perks I could claim a second time.

I told her “just getting to meet Bob for the second time”. :wink:

You watch that show?
My report time is getting shorter thank goodness.