Illinois Inspectors- A question

A plumber recently told me that water from the condensing furnace and AC units should not drain into a sump pump (mine does) it’s required by almost all codes (according to him) to drain into a pit that is pumped by an ejector in the sewer or septic system. I’ve not written this up. Is it something you folks document ?


I looked through Illinois plumbing code real quick but didn’t find anything. You might want to look through here and see that you can find.

What would be the reason.?
Did he give you one.

Something to do with chemicals by-products of the discharge. I don’t know the specifics.

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The condensate has to drain. Preferably to a plumbing DWV pipe, but into a sump or ejector is OK. Into a sump, it could backflow (if the sump pump fails, etc).

The plumber was full of it.

Illinois has two plumbing codes. One for the state and one for Chicago (and some of the surrounding suburbs).

The only difference is that Chicago does not allow supply piping other than metal (copper, preferably. who uses galvanized anymore? :mrgreen: )

This is to ensure full employment by union plumbers.

In Illinois, the unions control everything. Not by law, but by politics.

You cannot sit for a plumbing license test, regardless of your expertise, without being a Union member. Once you get it, you can quit the union, but you have to re-license, sooner or later. Go figure :mrgreen:

Understand this, and you understand everything about the other big association.

The answer to your question is no, the condensate can drain to the sump. Not “best practices”, but acceptable, according to national standards.

Hope this helps;

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