Illinois Inspectors, take note

I suggest anyone alway’s call the DFPR before doing anything they are not sure of.
Do not take the word of anyone not working for the state or your own Lawyer, that’s the best advise.
Yeah ,I was agreeing ,Will.

Sheesh, you Illinois inspectors sure get fleeced by the state in exchange for the right to legally practice your trade.

Nick, you are right about that! Blago (our Govenor) needs the money anyway he can get it.

Yep. It’s called government.

But, hey, I find it somewhat worth it when I can wave my state license at the local code guys and go “neener, neener, ne-ner” as well as the builders. You forget, only two trades, in Illinois, have state licenses (roofers and plumbers). Not the codies, not GCs and not many others. That, de facto, means that home inspectors have more professional clout than the others, as determined by the authority of the state.

Go figure :mrgreen:

Sounds great ,but we have no authority to do anything but suggest and give opinion to defer to an expert.:slight_smile:

Yeah but it means something when we do give our opinion and suggestions.

All in the perception.
Would be nice if we had more muscle to back up the opinion .

What I do not understand is why we are not allowed to come right out and say the report can be used to assist in negotiation.

cause it is already inferred by everyone else–lol

Yeah , but what is the reason , and where is there a rule against it.

Doing lake point towers for the second time this year.
Ever been there yet?

Found FPE the first time.