Illinois licensed home inspection school for sale. $70,000.

*Up for sale is a Home Inspection School licensed by the State of Illinois. The school is productive, we’ve had over 100 students in the past 9 months, we grossed over $100,000.00 in 2005. 2006 will start the required 12 hours of *Continuing Education, which is sure to bring a promising return. You will get the complete courses for Classroom and Homestudy,the Website,The Name of School, the school seal,and the computer with all the information… We have the Continuing Education approved by the state for classroom and home study also. You can run this school from anywhere. The State of Illinois requires 10 hours of Practical Lab in person, this can be done from Conference Rooms in Motels. We have a Mobil Practical Lab which will be included. I started this school to supplement my retirement, I’m selling because I want the freedom to travel. You know Stuff to do, Places to go, Things to see!


Ed Akers
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Here is the website for the school: