Illinois Lockdown

Do any of the other inspectors in Illinois know if were still able to work?

I don’t know if this covers all of IL or not, David:

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It looks like we’re good to go. If all of the below are exempt we should be. For the moment anyway.

In Illinois, the order exempts those working in “essential businesses,” which include but are not limited to:

Critical trades, including plumbers, electricians, exterminators, cleaning and janitorial staff for commercial and governmental properties, security staff, operating engineers, HVAC, painting, moving and relocation services, and other service providers that maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences, Essential Activities, and Essential Businesses and Operations

Professional services

Thanks Christopher and Larry! I’m still concerned about the risk to my family, friends, clients, sellers, etc…

What precautions are are others taking to mitigate the risk? I’ve read that gloves and masks won’t prevent the spread because the virus can live on the surface of the gloves and potentially transfer the virus from one place to another in the home.

Should we as inspectors limit the people who can be at the inspection? e.g. just myself and a realtor to open the door. What if there are children or high risk elderly people who currently live in the home?

We are exempt